Proper Radon Testing

Radon Testing Monitor

Radon Safety Starts With Proper Radon Testing

It’s up to you to ensure proper radon testing whether you are buying a home or testing the one you live in. That goes double for realtors, home inspectors and radon professionals whose reputations should depend on proper radon testing. Unfortunately many times I have seen where radon tests were not conducted properly by so called “radon testing professionals” and the home owners¬† or buyers and realtors if involved were unaware that the test was not conducted properly rendering the test results are invalid at best and worthless in some instances.

See our Radon Testing page,¬† or use our search box for full list or radon testing articles. The US Surgeon General recommends all homes in the United States are tested for radon. The US EPA and the World Heath Organization and others have established or recommend proper radon testing protocols be followed so that radon test results can be relied upon. See “EPA Radon Testing Protocol” for more on this subject.

There are many types of radon testing, some are better than others for certain situations, some are more convenient, some more accurate, some can be done in a shorter amount of time. In order to determine the best radon test for your need, a number of questions should be answered.