My Radon Experience

Tom Francis radon mitigation professionalA Little About Me  My Name is Thomas Francis, the owner of A Best Radon Systems, a radon mitigation and radon testing company. I am a husband and a father, concerned about my family’s health and people in my community and really all people. Radon mitigation is my main business, that which consumes most of my time. I also author and maintain a couple of informational radon websites, and and our company websites: and my home inspection website.

My Radon Training and Education  I attended Rutgers University’s Professional Education Program where I studied both Radon Mitigation and Radon Testing, passing the The National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) certification tests for each. I also trained at CERTI University, the Center for Environmental Research & Technology, taking their Radon & Radon Decay, Radon Measurement and Radon Mitigation Technology courses, in addition to various other courses and study programs.

Cutting Edge Research and Development  Since 2003 I have been active in personal and collaborative research and cutting edge radon system development in more than 500 radon mitigation systems I’ve installed and with radon professionals from around the country. I have developed or adapted several proprietary techniques for improved radon mitigation methods especially useful in very difficult mitigation jobs and also beneficial in cutting costs  effective approach to complex mitigation problems. Some of the radon innovators I’ve consulted with and learned from: Bill Brodhead, an early pioneer in the radon field and radon innovator and teacher; J. L. Alvarez, PhD, the Laboratory Director and Chief Scientific Consultant for Air Chek, Inc.; Jon Traudt, CEO of Health and Energy Company, radon innovator, inventor of the Pressure-Detective which helps in diagnosing difficult radon jobs.

Radon Contractor Experience   With over 30 years experience in every aspect of the building trades I don’t shy away from the tough jobs or cut corners for lack of knowledge. I’m also a licensed Home Inspector who has inspected hundreds of substandard and failing radon systems over the years. I know some radon contractors who only take on what they think will be quick easy jobs and when they run into problems are quick to cut corners.

I’m called to fix failing radon systems at least a couple times a month. These poorly installed, substandard radon mitigation systems usually have no labels or stickers identifying the person who installed them. Most likely the installer suspected or knew it wasn’t working properly at time of installation and would rather not leave any contact info ting them to the job. Click here to see some pictures of improper and poor radon mitigation jobs. Good radon mitigation requires knowledge and skills in Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, Concrete, Drainage, Roofing, Carpentry and the proper tools. Workers with limited skills are limited in the options they can offer, the end result often sacrificed.

I’m also a New York State licensed home inspector, owner of A Best Home Inspection, inspecting about 2000 homes since 1997. My experience has developed during 30 years of hands on work in almost every aspect of the building trades, the majority of those years as a general contractor and 4 years in the US Army Engineers.

The Important Things for You to Know  No one will take greater pride in their work than the business owner.  I will be the one to visit your home or property, design the system around your needs and wants, and then be the person to show up on time to install the system as we discussed.  It is my personal guarantee that no other mitigation company in this State can offer you the type of customer service and level of craftsmanship that A Best Radon Systems can offer.  A Best Radon Systems is a small business dedicated to offering the very best in workmanship and customer service with many hundreds of successful installs.  Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal! We are a family business serving central New York since 1989 and you can count on us to be around in the future if you need us; a warranty is only as good as the company or person who issues it. All systems eventually need service or repair and we will be here to help when you need us.

My emphasis is on QUALITYnot quantity or speed. I’ve earned a reputation among realtors as the go to company for difficult mitigation jobs and to fix failed radon mitigation systems.

Mission Statement: My goal is to far exceed your expectations with superior customer service, fine craftsmanship, and all at an affordable price. It’s my business to keep your family safe!

Some Qualifications, Associations, Ratings etc.

  • I personally have designed and installed over 500 radon mitigation systems in central New York.
  • Rutgers University’s National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) certification course graduate.
  • Rutgers University’s (NRPP) certified Residential Radon Measurement course graduate.
  • I use “Air Chek” Radon Tests, NY State ELAP certified laboratory, ID #11441 for unbiased 3rd party conformation of proper system operation.
  • State of New York Licensed Home Inspector, License Number: 16000011376
  • IAQ2 Certified (International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants, Certification # IAQ2-00-00431
  • AARST (American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists) Member
  • GSAR (Greater Syracuse Board of Realtors) Affiliate Member with Supra electronic key access
  • BBB A+ Rating, Fully insured.