At A Best Radon Systems when I design any system I approach as if it were my home, if so, how would I want the system installed. I incorporate proper design, skilled installation and high quality materials, this combination makes for a safe, long lasting and efficient system that requires almost no maintenance. Aesthetics are also important, including where the system is located and how the pipes are installed. Some radon contractors could care less about how the system looks, I have seen some hideous radon mitigation installations. Radon Mitigation System Pictures In this picture on the right, the house had a large overhanging soffit (about 3 feet). We suggested to go through the soffit for a better looking job verses the alternative which would have been the vent pipe going out and around the soffit and the gutter then extending above the roof line about 12 inches. Going through the soffit and roof adds about $100 to the cost of the system  verses the alternative, but is well worth the cost. Going through the soffit and roof is a tricky task, many radon contractors will not offer this option, as it requires significant amount of additional labor and skill to end up with a clean well fitting installation. I’ve heard of one local radon contractor that will not do any roof penetrations at all. It is good at least to know one’s limitations. Radon Mitigation Pipe Hidden Behind ChimneyWe strive to make every installation as cosmetically acceptable as possible with in the given budget. When possible we try to install the system behind a chimney so it is not visible from the front of the house.           Picture of Radon Mitigation System Hidden From View The same house as in picture above. You can not even see the radon system tucked in behind the chimney.